What we can offer for you


We are use to offer the quality that our customer needs. They images are task sharp with quality and they reflect much more than a pretty photo, they communicate.

360º video | photo

More than 15 years setting up quality virtual tours and now combining new technology of 360º video for your business.


For customers that need special images without compromising quality. We retouch, restore and compose whatever you need for your business.

Interactive Video

If you want to go beyond the standard video, this is your tool to keep your viewer engaged longer and revisit your brand.


Would you like to create a story that makes sense and makes your clients stick with it from the very first moment? We know how to do that.

Multimedia Experiences

This involves a unique experience based on multimedia and special events. We design, communicate and build up your project.


Compatible with all devices

Today, technology has to be compatible with all the devices because 70% of the people now view their content via mobile or tablet. As we know that it is very important for you, we adapt the content so that the end client can enjoy the multimedia experience on any device such as VR-Glasses, Androids | iOS, iPads, desktops .

About me


Bernard Custard

Manager and Visual communicator

Bernard Custard studied as a broadcasting and sound technician and later turned to photography and multimedia to further his career. He has been working in this field for 17 years, developing his own style and techniques adapting them to R&D developments in order to offer the best technical solutions for companies or customers.

He has been working for museums and spaces over 10 years, enrichening the experiences with multimedia . With new technology, it is possible to bring spaces, art, and products closer to the end user. This is possible with VR technology, photography, gigaphotograpy, time-lapse, 360 video/photo and other techniques. He has worked for companies involved in art, such as museums and galleries and also with international companies such as Fundación Telefónica, Museo Picasso, Aston Martin, MuVIM (Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity) and other diverse companies.

Our Clients

Some of our customers


  • I met Bernard Custard in 2008 on Sheying opening exhibition: Chinese shadows , photographs from the nineteenth-century from Worswik´s collection where i was the curator. Since then, Bernard was innovating in the field of multimedia experiences, a matter not so explored, and especially not so perfected at that time. From our first meeting , I follow with great interest his career, always restless , with an increasing level of professionalization that today confirms one of the few great experts in multimedia technology applied to culture. Bernard has worked with me in Ragel´s Reporter Photographer multimedia project. Anyone can see the amazing results on his website

    Maria Santoyo
    Curator of Ragel´s Reporter Photographer
  • Work carried out by Bernard are of high quality and professionalism. It is a very creative photographer who has a large number of resources. In addition , his works are delivered with great punctuality ; never disappoints .

  • Reliability, high quality and vanguard solutions are the center of Bernard Custard’s work. From a view point of people like us working with private and public istitutions and museums the idea of a virtual tour with the possibility of zooming in on the works on show turns out to be an excellent calling card. read more

    Sonia Cirulli


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About us

We have 17 years of experience in this field and we are very proud of that. We always rich what our client expected from us and always on time. We listen and always try to reflect what it´s the important for our customer, what it´s beyond his feelings and projects and try to reproduce it. Visual Communication it´s more than tech, videos, or other things, it´s about human feelings.